Applying to ACS Leadership

ACS is excited to welcome applications from YLS students interested in leadership positions for the 2019-2020 academic year. Applications are due at 6pm Sunday, September 15. Serving in a leadership role is in no way a prerequisite for active, engaged participation in ACS events and activities on campus.

ACS is accepting applications for positions on several committees within ACS, as well as for 1L Representative positions on the ACS Board:

  • 1L Representative (1-3 students): 1L Representatives will serve on the ACS Board, working as liaisons between the 1L Class and ACS Board. 1L Reps will attend Board meetings and participate in Board projects, and develop new ways for 1LS to become involved in ACS’s activities.

  • External Affairs & Special Projects (1-3 students): The External Affairs & Special Projects Committee works to organize several larger events, including ACS’s spring conference, annual banquet, and trip to Washington, DC. It also develops and executes novel, innovative ways for ACS to be involved in pushing progressive change at YLS.

  • Programming (3 students): The Programming Committee is involved in planning and executing exciting events for the ACS community. Tasks include brainstorming and inviting a diverse array of progressive speakers; event logistics like posters, food, pre-event prep, and more; and working on advocacy projects like drafting op-eds. Programming Committee members will be expected to help out whenever ACS events are scheduled and will work closely with members of the Executive Board.

  • Membership & Community Engagement (1 student): The Membership & Community Engagement Committee plans events to bring together the ACS membership and build community. It also facilitates opportunities for ACS engagement with the local community.

  • Mentorship & Career Development (1-3 students): The Mentorship & Career Development Committee works to assist ACS members with building out their careers in progressive lawyering by developing events and resources for students, as well as by connecting members with alumni.

  • Scholarship (1-3 students): The Scholarship Committee manages and builds ACS’s relationship with the academic community. The Committee also organizes the weekly Progressive Scholarship Workshop, which invites leading progressive academics to speak with students about their work.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out at

2019-2020 ACS Application

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